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Monday, July 22, 2013


The University of Ghana in collaboration with the Ghana Debate Association hosted the 2nd Ghana Tertiary Debating Championship from 14th to 21st July, 2013 under the theme “In a Democracy, agreement isn’t essential, participation is”. Using the British parliamentary debating system, 73 participants from various universities took part in various rounds of debating in both Public Speaking and Debate.

  The Championship hosted 28 teams across Africa from the University of Ghana, Islamic University College (Ghana), KNUST (Ghana), KNUSTFORD University College (Ghana), ISSER-K DC (Togo), University of the Gambia, University of Education Winneba, University of Johannesburg and University of Bostwana.

  During the Championship, the first 8 rounds were held at Elizabeth Frances Sey Hall from 14th to 17th July whilst the octo-finals, quarter finals, semi-finals and finals were held at the Center for African Wetlands Auditorium from 18th to 21st July and will be aired on GTV and VIASAT from September 2013.

  Team UG made up of 5 teams of 2 participants each started camping towards the championship from 2nd July 2013 under the tutelage of their President Antonio Edem Asinyo. Beaming with confidence and experience from their last participation in South Africa in the 4th Pan-African Championship in December 2012 where they won, Joyce Danso and Edem Antonio Asinyo led the UG team to a successful host and win Championship.

 Kingsley Ohene Doky (UG) won the Public Speaking segment and Team Valencia (made of Antonio Edem Asinyo and Joyce Okyerewaa Danso from UG) won the Debate segment. James Amponsah also from UG won the best volunteer whiles the Islamic University college was named the most well behaved school. Samuel Owusu Amoako and Linda Aku Adanfo both from KNUST were named the best speaker and the best adjudicator respectively.


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