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The Sports Directorate of the University of Ghana was established in 2005. It took over from
the Amalgamated Clubs, whose mandate was to organize sports for the students of the University of Ghana.
The upgrading of the University’s sports section is consistent with the University’s corporate strategic plan, which seeks to transform and professionalize human resource practices and review governance for effective and efficient management.  Subsequently, a University of Ghana Sports Advisory Board was constituted, under the Chairmanship of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Academic/Student Affairs
The mandate of the new-look Sports Directorate, therefore, is to develop, organize, promote and manage sports in line with the University of Ghana’s corporate strategic plan.

To be the institution of choice for recreational and competitive sports; as well as a leader in
the leisure , fitness and wellness industry.

The Sports Directorate of the University of Ghana seeks to enhance the fitness, health, well-being and holistic development of students, staff and the University Community, through participation in worthwhile sporting and recreational activities, and will endeavour to become the leader for change in the academic discipline and profession of Sports, in partnership with relevant stakeholders.  

The Sports Directorate offers the following services:-
Customized Fitness Programme
Well trained and knowledgeable staffs conduct fitness tests and measurements on
individuals and prepare customized fitness (aerobics,  weight training or aqua-aerobics)
programmes to meet the individual’s fitness and wellness needs. 
This service also aims at maintaining an ideal body weight of students and staff of the University of Ghana in particular and the public in general.

Swimming Lessons
The Sports Directorate provides swimming lessons to students and staff of the University
and members of other institutions.

Leadership Development Training
The Sports Directorate has established a Beckwith International Leadership Development (BILD) Programme.  The programme objective is to build on existing National Youth Leadership activities in Sport, Education and Community Sectors, and to develop an International Centre in West Africa that will be able to provide capacity building to the youth of West Africa.

Talent Identification and Development
Talents are identified and developed, through scientific methods which include Tests and
Measurements of physical, psychological and motor components of sports performance

Consultancy and Counseling
The Sports Directorate offers Consultancy and Counseling Services to individuals, teams
and Sports Clubs on sports performances; sports marketing; and sports management.


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