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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Meet Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu, UG Director of Sports

The Director of Sports of the University of Ghana, Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu, who assumed office on October 2, 2013 is an astute sports man whose records expand across the horizons and beyond of the sports landscape. He has played active role in the development of sports both practically and theoritically to the point where he has served on many platforms as a member of committees both international and national. His contributions to the development of sports in all facets are desirous and worth emulating.

 Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu, as an envisionist, visionary, result oriented and sports man, he has tabled (outlined) a lot of thought provoking proposals to revamp the seemly dieing passion of sportsmanship and spiritedness amongst the students, universities (colleges) and amongst nations whose interest in other sports events which are not making mark on the world’s sports tablet.

 Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu, studied varieties of subjects expanding Education, Sociology, Economics, Development and Global Education, obtained various certificates and recognitions as certificate in Football Referee, Project and Strategic Management from Ghana and across the globe. His depth of academic and sports excellence have paved the way for him to hold various positions spanning sports and other fields.  Such as his consultancy position for FIFA, SOS International and Herman Gmeiner Fond Deutschland (VIDC, FARE), UEFA, Football Supporters International, The league for Integration and Against Racism in Sports (LISA), Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) the list continues. These achievements coupled with his invigoration continue unabatedly such that he is serving on numerous boards/ committees as an advisory member.

Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu’s practical works include of the following; Right To Play Ghana (Country Manager), European Commission/Europe Aid/Vienna (Football For Development), Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation (VIDC) – (Established and coordinated the sport for development department), University of Krems an der Donau in Austria (Assistant Management Trainer for Intercultural Communication and Learning), International Language Institute of University of Innsbruck (Austria: Lecturer on Languages and Cultures of West Africa). These are few amongst the mammoth practical works he has under his belt.
It is of course imperative to note that a man of his caliber is to be associated with so that the shadow of his industriousness and impact both on and off the field can be well appreciated. He is rigorous and we promise that working with him is fun and friendly, except you are not result oriented and punctual. As wonderful sports men and women of the sports fraternity, we welcome our gallant soccer and all round Director of Sports.


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