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Thursday, October 13, 2011


I did not know the title to give to this report whether GOAL! PLUS AN S or DEMOLITION EXERCISE or LET SUPERB GOALS RAIN.  For you to see the match through my eyes i must say it
was a rain of GOALS. The first hat-trick by a female soccer player in the Inter-Hall Female Soccer Competition and not just one but two females scoring a hat-trick each in one match. Simply STUPENDOUS! This deserves one of Kwabena Yeboah's      << vundabaaa>>. What a marvelous display of  team work, athleticism, skill and class by the youngest team in the 2011  Inter-Hall Female Soccer Competition. Akuafo looked to flex their muscles in this game with their shot stopping goal keeper in the post as well as their central defenders who would not give an inch of space to their opponents who kept flooding in like a storm whenever the ball was in their possession. Playing a well known tactic which is to draw the opponents unto themselves and then launch a counter attack did not bring the goals Akuafo Hall needed badly. The clouds began to gather as the first goal came from Riazi Marjan in the third minute. Then the showers fell when Lillian Kyei added two unanswered goals, her second goal was scored as she ran from behind to pick the ball from the Akuafo Hall defenders before powering a shot at goal. This set the Jubilee/ISH  team officials on their feet jubilant and the Akuafo team officials complaining of their defenders loss of concentration.  By the seventeenth minute it was already raining goals from Lillian Kyei and Riazi Marjan as the well calculated passes and dangerous crosses came from Mayssa Chehata and Maakestad Inga. What will happen to their next opponents. Watch out as the matches continue.
Jubilee/ISH  [6] vs [0] Akuafo Hall


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